A few interesting tech conferences happened recently and tons of videos went online. Will take a while to make my way through a lot of these.

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Let’s read a book on paper. Weird.


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Walking in for my first day at Vimeo. Stoked!

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Yay! My blog is back up after letting it hibernate for a while and after changing hosts. It went much better than when I had to restore things three years ago.

Let’s see if I can make a real go of posting things here more often.

Some updates to get started up again:

Life is good.

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This morning:
3 x 5 press at 75#
10 wall walks
25 pull-ups
50 box jumps
100 kettle bell swings
200 single unders

Really stoked on my progress with pull-ups. Kipping all of them I broke them up 10-7-5-3 and made it through. Kettle bell swings I did Russian at 16 kg because that’s a lot of reps – and they were hard.

Overall stoked on feeing good after this workout. ;)

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Today at the gym we did a clean complex (3 cleans and a jerk) followed by a metcon of a 2 mile run*. I was a little nervous about running two miles. I haven’t run 2 miles consecutively in I don’t know how long.

Turns out I can run for two miles without walking or dying and finished in 14:56. I compared this to running a mile as fast as I could in November when I was dying for breath at the end. I’ve improved.

* There was some debate about whether the distance was actually 2 miles or close to 1.77

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Feeling so sick with head cold, so tired from lack of sleep, and arm still so swollen from tattoo on Friday. Bummed I am skipping the gym today – wanted to do some snatches. :/

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New Tattoo

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Get ready, nobody … major updates are coming to bionicbrian.com. ;)

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