Yay! My blog is back up after letting it hibernate for a while and after changing hosts. It went much better than when I had to restore things three years ago.

Let’s see if I can make a real go of posting things here more often.

Some updates to get started up again:

Life is good.

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Ok. Got my blog back, mostly.

Some months ago my site was compromised because I stupidly left an ftp config file up on GitHub in a public repo and I exposed my username and password. Someone saw it and took advantage of it (I can’t even say my site was hacked because I essentially gave out the login info). But whoever it was seemed to only want to point out the stupidity of my mistake because they made minor edits to tease me: Like changing my name to “Brian Schmoore”. Haha. It was funny but highlighted my stupidity and my neglect of my site.

I was hosted with TextDrive when it was acquired by Joyent and I moved over to shared hosting there. But Joyent moved away from hosting into I-don’t-even-know-what “cloud”. Toward the end there my credit card expired and I was never sent an email to update it and my stuff was never taken down. I felt like I was on a server they forgot about. Cheap but unreliable. Was time to move anyway.

Now I’m on BlueHost which seems pretty solid. They’re cheap, they have the basics (and Ruby 1.9), and I just really want a few MySQL databases and PHP to host straightforward sites.

I think the only thing I screwed up on was that I exported only my posts from my old WordPress database and not comments and other meta data tables. Ugh. Stupid, again. But oh well.

I’m back online and looking forward to catching up here. Last post was November of last year and a lot has happened since then.

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