This week for me, wow, a big week.

I had a technical interview on Monday. My first ever. Smart engineers looking over my shoulder as I try to prove that I know JavaScript by coding some stuff on a whiteboard and on paper. Super stressful and ultimately amazing experience.

Tuesday evening, I’m offered a job as a “Front End Developer” writing JavaScript, full time, for money. Something I’ve worked really hard for and dreamt of for I don’t even know how long.

Wednesday I accept the offer, sign on the dotted line and BAM! I am a professional developer. Also, it happens to be my 35th birthday.

Thursday, today, I put in my two weeks notice and resign from my current job as non-developer, which I’ve had for 7 years — what?! 7 years?! Yes, 7 years.

I’ve been a developer for a while, but now I am a professional developer and I get to write code for money.

First day is Dec. 3. Can’t wait.


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I’m going to lose 30 pounds. I weigh ~212 right now. I’m going to weigh around 180-185.

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Finn refused a nap today, kind of. I took him for long, long walk in a futile attempt to knock him out. Didn’t work but stopped by toy store, had fun, and had a good fit when we left. When we arrived back at the steps of our apt., I looked him in the eyes and asked “Ready to go upstairs?” and he looked at me, closed his eyes and went to sleep, 2 hours later.

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It’s been a little while. I am here and I am coding and thinking and stuff. Finn is the cutest person on Earth — objectively speaking. All is well in the world (for me). My problems are first world problems. I am.

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